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Back Cover Sketch And Finished Art


This was the first time that Drew and I had worked together, and it was destined to not be our last. Neither of us realized the magnitude of what laid ahead for each of us what we did know is it was going to be great.


There was a comfort level and professional respect that we found with each other that can only be described as, “finding that missing piece that would accent and strengthen a weakness without taking over your soul.”

I honestly felt that now, together with Drew, once again we could do anything… and for me that feeling was everything!


 Less than 60 days later I found myself stoned in Beverley Hills at the request of Ozzie Osborn and Black Sabbath. I remember the 3-minute ride from their front gate, leading up to this huge 3-story “Gone With The Wind” style mansion.

I parked and walked up to this 10’ front door with a huge turn-bell in its middle surrounded by leaded glass. I gave the bell a good turn and while I waited for a responce I tried to imagine how crazy it was going to be meeting Ozzie?

 Within a few seconds the door was answered by this 6’-5” dude that looked just like Riff-Raff from "The Rocky Horror Show". Before I could open my mouth he said, in the deepest baritone voice, “you are expected, so please follow me.”

The inside of this house was beautifully furnished very upscale and conservative, with piped-in classical music throughout. Not at all what I imagined, where’s the bats and headless chickens? But that was about to change - quickly.


We finally came to two of the biggest doors ever made and as Riff-Raff opened them, the sound that blew out between the doors was so strong it almost knocked me over.

 When we entered the room I was amazed. It was just like being in the front row at the Forum. The band was in a full dress rehearsal. The sound, smoke, truss and lights, all at full blast… it felt unbelievable! I have always known that Black Sabbath is arguably the most influential heavy metal band of all time and I was about to validate that assumption. For the next 45 minutes I had my very own “Full Blown” Black Sabbath concert. It was loud, colorful and amazing.

 Turns out, they rented the mansion because of its soundproof full size ballroom, they rented had converted into a concert venue. They were preparing a tour to support the new album “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”. They were just putting the finishing touches on their tour show and wanted us to do the cover of the album.

When I asked how they found us, it turned out that both Ozzie and Geezer were hugeAlice Cooper fans and loved the covers that we had done for him. I spent the day hanging, talking and listening to the new tracks, while they explained what they were conveying with the songs.

The really cool part for me was getting a chance to meet and party with all the bands that I loved. Life is great, and so is Rock N’ Roll… Long Live Rock N’ Roll!  

 I based the Sabbath concept on two, turn of the century illustrations that I received at my confirmation in the 5th grade. The first was a “good” man and the second an “evil” man, each at the split second of their death. Drew did two iconic 30”x40” illustrations in colored pencil and acrylic, that blew everyone’s sox off, including mine!

Here’s a bit of insider info:

Some fans might know that the man in bed, on the front and back covers, is Drew, and he is all three demons as well. Nowhere’s something that just a handful of people know: the woman on the front cover left is Ingrid Haenke, who illustrated the “Toys In the attic” cover for Aerosmith.

The woman on the right is my beautiful wife Bonnie. Also, one additional note: I had designed an incredible logo that, to my dismay, was replaced with crap, at the last minute by the band.


Note: This fine art print offering is also available printed on quality poster stock, signed with an original illustration of my lips and tongue art on the print for $150.00 


Limited Edition Images Are The Exclusive Property Of, Owned By And Used Here With The Permission From, Pacific Eye & Ear TM 

©2017 All Rights Reserved


Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Back Cover Print

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